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Araton: Cat Food (Kitten): Poultry [1kg, 1.5kg, 15kg]

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Cat Food

1kg – ₱150
1.5kg – ₱370
15kg – ₱2,479

Araton has higher protein and fat vs. your usual dry pet food (which is usually a by-product of meat processing plants, meaning they are powdered processed meat from mechanically deboned animal carcasses). Araton’s main ingredient is REAL dehydrated meat, not grains. Plus, it comes in a resealable packaging!

Available via COD within Metro Manila and selected areas in Bulacan, Pampanga and Calabarzon. We also have distributors in Dagupan, Bicol, Mindoro and Palawan. Note that price may vary per area (3kg dog food, 1.5kg cat food available on vet clinics; repacked 1kg sold in poultry shops and online). PM us for inquiries or check out our authorized reseller on Lazada: /

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