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To order, please message us through the Facebook Messenger chat button or fill out the form below and we’ll email the details to you at the soonest possible time.

Kindly note that COD is available in selected areas in Metro Manila, Calabarzon, Bulacan and Pampanga only.

Thank you!

  • Araton: Cat Food (Adult): Salmon

  • Araton: Cat Food (Kitten): Poultry

  • Araton: Dog Food (Adult): Salmon

  • Araton: Dog Food (Adult): Poultry

  • Araton: Dog Food (Adult): Lamb

  • Araton: Dog Food (Puppy): Poultry

  • Araton: Dog Food (Puppy): Lamb

  • Bubble Bath: Soft & Shiny

  • Bubble Bath: Nourish & Protect

  • Bubble Bath Plus: Lite Medicated

  • Dextrolyte: Family Box

  • Dextrolyte: Recovery Pack

  • Dextrolyte Lacta: Family Box

  • Dextrolyte Lacta: Recovery Pack

  • Major D

  • Microban GT

  • Yum Yum! Dog Food: Adult

  • Yum Yum! Dog Food: Hi-Protein

  • Vet Naturals: Wound Management

  • Vet Naturals: Anti-Fungal

  • Vet Naturals: Anti-Parasitic

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