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Doggiessentials is a new division under UNAHCO whose aim is to uplift the well being of pet dogs, resulting in happy and contented owners. We will do this by not only providing top quality and value for money products but also by being active partners of owners in raising their pet dogs.

Borne out of the struggle for providing more food during the 1960’s population boom, UNIVET Agricultural Products was created by UNILAB as its defining step to fulfill the needs of animal raisers at that time.

Eventually, UNIVET emerged as the animal health industry leader, and with the constant support of the Sarimanok Feeds Company, the two companies provided high quality and great value animal healthcare and nutrition products that animal raisers required.

Forged with 40 years of expertise in the field, UNIVET is now transformed to be a holistic animal care company combined together with Sarimanok and Thunderbird presently called the UNIVET Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO). The new company aims to provide a broader range of animal healthcare and nutrition products, and programs that will meet specific farm requirements. UNAHCO aspires to optimize economic returns of animal raisers thus adding greater quality and value to both backyard and commercial farm operations.

UNAHCO’s sustainable growth stems from its people’s commitment of helping more animal raisers benefit from its products and propagate practical and advanced raising technologies.

UNAHCO reaches far and wide with well-entrenched distribution networks that ensure great stability and growth. By means of its more than 80 field personnel who manage 1,500 direct accounts and serving more than 3,000 outlets from Luzon all the way to Mindanao, these strategic coverage allows UNAHCO to supply high quality and great value animal feed and healthcare products to the Filipino livestock raiser, thus improving the local animal industry effectively.